Hey everybody, welcome to my new blog.  I've recently discovered the treasures offered by the music blogging world--some of my favorite purveyors are listed there on the right.  I love the idea of sharing music that would otherwise go unheard .  While I adore all kinds of music from all over the globe and all periods of history, what I have to offer the blogosphere is very specific.  I have a vast collection of records from the big band era, roughly 1935 to 1949.  My favorite songs from this period are the brilliant instrumentals concocted by ace composers and arrangers.  They usually have funny little titles and feature moments of virtuostic playing, inventive harmonies, and head-shaking grooves at all tempos.  My intention is to never share music that is still in print--I encourage you to support music retailers and the artists whose records are still available.  Also, unlike most music blogs, I will usually only post individual songs, as the concept of the long-playing record didn't emerge until after the big band era.  Enjoy!

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